When the Phones aren’t Ringing: How to Grow Your Business During Slow Seasons

Joel Goldstein - Monday, July 11, 2016

What do you do when the phones aren’t ringing and your business is experiencing some quiet time?

You may be tempted to let the time pass leisurely. Yet there are some things you can do specifically during this time to improve your business and enhance your business smarts.

Here’s how  to take advantage of quiet periods to grow your business.

Keep up with the Industry

During busy seasons, you may be so too occupied to keep up with important developments in your industry. Now is an ideal time to catch up on industry news and new developments within your line.

Read articles and blog posts published by thought leaders in your industry. You may want to join a forum of like-minded professionals where you can discover new ideas and gain new perspective from people like you.

Rethink the Way Things Run: Boost Productivity

When times are busy, things run the default way. But what if you can now create a better, more productive default, that will tide over to hectic seasons as well?

Here are some apps you can implement during non-busy periods to help you increase day to day productivity:


Instead of relying on cumbersome back and forth emails, forwards, and CC’ing people in, why not communicate seamlessly on one platform and keep your inbox clean? With Slack, you can set up different channels and groups for all your teams and members. If you need to have an important virtual conversation with two department heads- simply create a channel only they can view and interact on. Have private conversations with one individual employee, or the entire customer service department. You can attach files which are easily searchable. Slack is fun too- with a full range of hilarious emojis, and the Random water cooler-style channel where you can post all the funny cat gifs you come across.

Meister Task

Meister Task is a collaborative task management app with a beautiful and intuitive interface. You can assign tasks to your team and monitor the status as tasks and assignments get completed. Your team can add their own tasks as well as adding notes and comments.

Instead of every employee having a separate, unsynchronized to-do list, manually erasing tasks as they get completed, you can seamlessly coordinate, assign and assess tasks in one master platform. This will help with teamwork as well as allowing you to see the bigger picture more easily.

Help Scout

Help Scout is a help desk for your support team. Instead of sharing an inbox clogged with open tickets, and risking a customer getting multiple responses at the same time for the same question, your entire support team can collaborate on a seamless, interactive platform. You can easily assign emails to specific team members, as well as speed up the entire workflow and improve response time. And Help Scout reports automatically track performance and customer satisfaction.

Google Docs

If you find yourself writing a lot every day, you may think about graduating from Word or Pages to something more efficient.

In Google Docs, all your work is saved automatically every 2-3 seconds - no need to constantly press Ctrl or Cmd S or worry about lost work.

Plus, your documents are hosted in the cloud instead of on your computer - which means you can log in from any device anywhere should you need to refer to or continue writing when you’re commuting or have spare time.

Perhaps the best part of Google Docs is that you can share your documents with anyone else you’d like - no need for email attachments. You can edit, change and add content without having to send another email

You can discuss the document with the people you share it with - within your document itself. Easily comment on specific sentences, edit simultaneously, and add suggestions.

Think about Marketing

Many marketing campaigns are typically planned and executed during high-pressure busy times, such as holiday season.

Yet now is a perfect time to think about your marketing and branding strategy, and perhaps take some steps to help your marketing goals.

Perhaps an email or newsletter campaign to convert cold leads into warm ones and bring your brand back to the front of your prospects’ minds.

Some companies plan their Black Friday campaigns during the less hectic summer months so they can afford more time to focus and strategize on their campaign. You can start planning and doing some legwork for scheduled major marketing efforts ahead, so that you have a headstart when it’s time to execute the campaign during a busy season.

While you can choose to put your feet up during quiet times - there are so many great things you can do even when the phone isn’t ringing. The actions you take now can improve your work and work habits even during the busy seasons ahead.

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