Communication Skills That Can Save Your Business

Joel Goldstein - Monday, August 15, 2016
The corporate buyer for one of the companies you service is on the phone, and he’s angry. A major misunderstanding has occurred. 
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When There's Too Many Phones Ringing...

Joel Goldstein - Wednesday, October 07, 2015

5 Tips and Strategies for Dealing with a High Volume of Phone Calls

Your support department is a frenzied chorus of ringing phones. Representatives are assaulted with loudly ringing telephones that don’t pause, and customers are frustrated because they aren’t being answered. Does this resemble your support department in any way? Here are 5 solutions and tips on how you can deal with too many phone calls, without having to hire additional staff.

When Is It Too Busy?

“Know thy enemy”, the famous quote goes, so that you can win. Before looking for solutions, you must first know the problem. How many peak times are there when your support team receives too many phone calls to properly handle? Two hours a day? Only in middle of a big promotion? During holiday season? Monitor incoming calls to see when your peak times are.

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