How to turn your smartphone into your PBX extension

Joel Goldstein - Monday, June 19, 2017
Your sales representative is meeting prospects on the field. Your technician is on his way to serve a client. Your HR director is on parental leave. Your developer resides overseas. At any given time, important employees will be out and about. Your employees need to be able to synchronize their mobile devices with the office PBX phone system, allowing them to connect and communicate as if they were at their desks.

Here’s what you can do with this feature: 

1 - Forward PBX calls worldwide to your cell phone simultaneously or after a few rings:

When this feature is activated, based on your selection, you will receive PBX calls on your cell phone at the same time or after a few rings. This enables you to answer PBX calls on your cell phone when you’re away from your desk.

How can you do it?
If you know your way around the PBX portal, access the TeleGo PBX portal. Select the Redirection tab in the appropriate extension(s) or and group(s) you which to set up the redirection features on and follow the instructions below for each of the features and options.

If the PBX portal gets you confused, feel free to reach out to our Support Team who will be happy to assist, walk you through, or set up the system the way you want it.

Cell Phone Numbers: Enter your cell phone number or number to which you wish to forward the calls. If your business has phone-connected doorbells or pagers, you can prevent them from being forwarded to your cell phone.

Inbound Only: Enter cell phone numbers if you wish to get inbound calls only.
Numbers that will never get to the cell phone: here you can enter the phone numbers you don’t want to receive on your cell phone

Numbers that will get to the cell phone anytime: Enter the phone numbers you want to receive on your cell phone at any time

Immediately or after a few rings: Your incoming call can ring simultaneously or after a few rings. If you prefer the latter option, you can have the call forwarded to your cell phone between 1-30 seconds after the PBX call comes in. Here’s how to choose: Typically, phone rings are at 5 seconds intervals. If you wish to forward the PBX call after 3 rings, select 15 seconds.

Forwarding Calls from Hunt and Agent Groups (Queues): In addition to forwarding your extension calls you can also decide whether or not to forward calls from Hunt or Agent Groups. If you choose to forward calls from groups in cases where the internet is down, this might be a good failover solution if there’s no backup plan in place.


Forwarding Calls at Specific Times: To forward calls at particular hours, select Specify time when system calls the cell phone, Explicitly specify times and type in the appropriate hours for each day. You can also select a specific timeframe, such as during business hours, outside of business hours, during holidays, or any other customized time you wish.

2 - Distinguish between PBX and cell phone 
incoming calls:

In order to differentiate between PBX forwarded calls and cell phone calls, you can choose to have a special system menu that will activate only when an office call is forwarded to your cell phone. In addition, the menu will give you the opportunity to connect the call, reject the call, and more.

To activate the menu when a PBX call comes in the cell phone and will give you the opportunity to:
- Connect to the call (by pressing “1”)
- Reject the call (by pressing “2”)
- Send to voicemail (by pressing “3”)

If you missed the PBX call, the voicemail will go back to your office PBX system and send a voicemail to email—just like other unanswered extension calls calls on your PBX phone. If the special menu isn’t selected, you will find the voicemail message on your cell phone just like other cell phone calls.

3 - Place a PBX call with your cell phone:

With this feature, when you place a PBX call using your cell phone, you will hear a special virtual assistant that will prompt you to place the call.

Set up Offer Personal Virtual Assistant: When you call your company number while this feature is activated, you’ll hear your virtual assistant prompting you to:

- Place an outbound call press “1”
- Go to your mailbox press “3”
- Call an internal number press “4”

Place an outbound call (press “1”):
Enter your access code (your access code is typically your mailbox PIN number which is by default the last 4 digits of your company phone number)
Dial the destination number followed by the “#” key allowing you to show your company phone number from any phone.

Go To Your Mailbox (press “3”):
This feature comes in handy when your employees want to check their mailboxes while they are out of the office.

Call An Internal Number (press “4”):
If you know the extension you wish to dial, enter the extension or select one of the Auto attendant prompts.

So even if you expect to be away from your office phone, rest assured that you no longer have to miss your work calls. With this feature, you can transfer your incoming calls from your landline phone to any number you wish. Place a business call from your cell phone as if it’s from your desk.

Here’s to long beach days with zero missed business calls!
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