Build Your Business By Building Customer Relationships

Joel Goldstein - Monday, December 12, 2016
Want to upgrade your relationship with your clients? Sometimes all you need to do is pick up the phone and follow up on clients' previous calls.

Your Guide to Follow Up Calls

In these times, when most customer relationship activity has gone online, it's easy to forget how powerful a simple phone call to a client can be. If follow-up phones call with clients are not on your agenda yet, read the following benefits that follow-up calls can bring to your business.

But first, let's discuss what is a follow-up call.

When following up with a client you need to remember that the primary goal is to hear your customer out. You will want to verify if the client has some questions, wants to share his feedback, is satisfied with your product or service, or has any questions about your product or services. You want to make sure that your client feels cared for.

What are the benefits your business gains?

1: Making Your Brand Personal

You probably have a series of automated clients follow-up emails in place. The issue is that so do other businesses—and your customers know it! When you have a phone conversation with your client, your relationship is now becoming personal. The human and personal care will help you when your clients will consider renewing their service or seek new products and services with you in the future. The personal relationship outshines the automated emails and your brand will be the first on their mind. 

2: Opportunity to Clarify and Answer Questions

Very often , clients have minor questions about your products and services regarding which they won't bother reaching out and asking. Calling your clients gives them the opportunity to clarify these questions and feel reassured after the conversation that they selected the right vendor.

3: Valuable Information and Feedback

As you connect with your customers and hear their feedback , you gain insights on how they view your business. Many times you'll be able to understand which area requires your attention and focus , allowing you to improve the most necessary aspects of your products and services. Some clients will even be able to propose optimal solutions — try that, you'll be surprised!

How Often Should You Call?

There is no one "fit all" answer to this important question. In general, you don't want to annoy your clients by calling them every week or so. A phone call once in every few months will probably be appreciated by most clients.

Have Special Offers or Discounts Available

You don’t want to give the impression that the reason you are connecting is in order to sell or push products and services. However, prepare special offers or discounts if the conversation takes a natural turn in that direction. This will close the conversation on a satisfying note.

Confirm They Know Everything They Need to Know

Sometimes customers miss out on a strong feature which is included in your product or service as they might be not updated. Take the opportunity in this call to make sure that your customers are aware of all the benefits and options which are available to them.

In short, investing in your customers a few minutes a year to follow up will result in great benefits. Enhancing your relationships with your clients and making them personal will help you grow your business.

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