7 Ways Your Phone System Can Increase Your Sales

Joel Goldstein - Monday, September 07, 2015

The On Hold Epidemic That Can Promote Your Company 

If you have to pop a tranquilizer at the thought of being put on hold one more time, you’re hereby certified as normal. Most people rank being put on hold as the #1 ordeal of the consumer experience. You probably associate waiting time with inconvenience, frustration, and a disgraceful waste of time. Which is a shame, because as a savvy business professional, what should really be coming to your mind regarding on hold moments, is the epic opportunity to make a lot more money.

Yes, smart businessmen use on hold time to make more sales!

They Don’t Use Silence

Customers call your company expecting the great service they associate with your brand. Yet what happens when they are put on hold with nothing to hear but silence? Clients either hang up, thinking that you hung up on them, or continue talking until they realize that no one is listening. The very last thing you need is an angry customer complaining to their friends about what a horrible experience they had with your brand, or losing a valuable client to your competitor. That definitely won’t earn you the vacation you’ve been dreaming about since your last one. Yet you’re in luck; you can avoid this whole headache simply by letting your customers listen to music or infomercials while they are on hold. 88% of customers want to hear something as they wait, and when they do hear something, they won’t even exaggerate the amount of time they spend waiting! (Yes, this was all proven with research studies.)

Why Not Music?

It is so tempting to simply upload some plastic-sounding classical or pop music, like most other businesses you know. It’s cheaper and easier. But those aren’t the companies making money through their phone system. They are the businesses that are missing out on a method that is proven to get your company 12% more sales!

How 98% of Customers Stay On the Line

Are you just a tad skeptical about the power of on hold messages? So was the USA Business Telephone Today. They wanted to see just how effective on hold recordings were, and conducted a study to see if these recordings really made a significant difference. Unfortunately, 13% of customers listening to music hung up before placing their order. (That’s still more than the 50+% who disconnected if there was silence.)

But 98% of customers listening to information waited on the line until they were able to speak to a live representative. And here’s the best part- they found that when you offer your customers information about products, specials, or services while they are on hold, you can earn a 12% increase in orders for the items your messages mentioned.

How can you create those winning recordings that will get you these awesome results?

7 Tips on How To Create Money Making Messages That Will Win You More Sales:

1- Kill Your Introduction

The most important thing you must remember is that audio copy is not ad copy or a sales letter. The tactics that written copy is built on will destroy your audio message. Customers usually scan most copy, but when they are listening, they do not have that option. Therefore, being economical is a must; a long introduction or elaborate build up will murder your customers’ interest and over-activate their filters. So instead of trying to conjure up a blissful vacation scene that they deserve so very much, and how liberating it would be to escape from the office for a few days, cut to the core and let them know that they will “Get a free night at Castle Inn when you book your $420 ticket to San Francisco with us!”

2- How Long Should Your Message Be?

Build your message based on the average hold time in your company. How long do customers have to wait on a call?  For a wait time of about thirty seconds, you can play a thirty second message. However, if the average hold time is a minute or longer, putting that message on repeat or giving a lengthy mini-lecture the entire time sends your customers a request to "Please hang up!" Isn't it irritating to call someone and be given a long speech, before you even had a chance to open your mouth? Don’t do that by overloading your poor customer, who only wants to speak to a live representative. Instead, have a few different messages about varied topics, and intersperse your messages with pleasant music. Your customers will process, retain and use more of the information you give them.

3- Don’t You Dare Sound Generic!

Customers spend a lot of time waiting on hold on other company lines too. This is your chance to shine; you have your customers’ undivided attention, as they don’t want to miss hearing the representative finally get back to them. Don’t use some trite script that will have your customers thinking that your company is just like every other one out there, and failing to see your unique advantage. Instead…

4- Give Your Message Some Life

 Don’t blandly instruct waiting clients to check out your website. Chances are, they already did. Instead, tell them a really cool fact related to your business they probably do not know. “Did you know that our plastic bags were used on Mount Everest by mountain climber Josh Moort to wrap his frosty hand in? Yes, that’s Gynn Plastic Bags. Used Everywhere, for Everything.” Give them a tip about one of your products. For example, if you sell hair products, let your customers know how they can use your clear banana clip to create a classy French twist in three simple steps. Keep your clients interested, by giving entertaining or useful information they won’t get elsewhere.

5- Update. Then Update Again.

While you may have recorded a killer message seven months ago, and yes, you did work long and hard on it, repeat callers will not appreciate having to listen to the same spiel they did last month. Take advantage of the season, and offer a related message. Your clients will feel that you have your finger on the vibe of things. Keep updating with new promotions and specials.

6- Warning: Overload!

Do not try to cram in more information than your customer can process. Instead, isolate the few key points you want them to hear, and focus on delivering them in a compelling, action-oriented way. If one of the services Josh of GetHired offers is interview coaching, instead of reciting a long, yawn-generating list of advantages that coached interviewees have, he can slam the point home by recording a disastrous dialogue between a probing interviewer and stuttering applicant. “Avoid this nightmare at your next interview. Ask us how we can help you be so confident and relaxed, you’ll win your dream job in ten minutes!” Do you offer tours? You can capture the sound of Manhattan rush hour activity to arouse your client to the excitement of a New York City tour. Present your information with a pizzazz that will compel your client to later ask the representative for more information.

7- Where is Your Call to Action?

Your customers are a minute or two away from speaking to a representative of your business, and it is up to you to capitalize on that. Explain that the 20% off discount you just let your client know about is ending tomorrow. Reveal a promo code that will get them a free week of service or a discount, but only if they mention it to the representative on the line right now.

When your message is done right, you have the pleasure of watching it lead to customer satisfaction, an increase in sales, and a boost for your reputation. Look at your recordings as a sales representative. Make sure your employee is doing its best!

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