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Are you unfamiliar with SIP Trunking?

Read on to discover a simple way to usher your business into the 21st century.


What is SIP Trunking?

SIP Trunking is the technology that brings VoIP to your business.  It is what allows you to send different types of data over the same lines, reducing your overall costs and eliminating lag and downtime.


How Does SIP Trunking work?

An Integrated Access Device (IAD) is placed between your legacy PBX system and your data connection, effectively connecting your PBX to an ISP (Internet Service Provider).


Why would a business consider SIP Trunking?

It is possible to keep the same or better service quality you expect from your traditional analogue circuits while reducing your overall costs, vastly increasing your useable features and streamlining your communications.  Long distance charges, for example, are typically significantly reduced simply by integrating SIP Trunking to your telephony.


Will I need new PBX hardware?

Generally speaking, no.  TeleGo will provide SIP Trunking services that are built upon the foundation of your existing PBX system.


Is SIP Trunking a Hosted Service?

Nope, SIP Trunking is an Onsite service.


Do I have to purchase an on premises TeleGo system in order to get SIP Trunking?

Absolutely not.  TeleGo is pleased to offer this service as a stand alone package.




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