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What is the advantage to Onsite services?

Onsite VoIP services allow you to handle the maintenance and upkeep of your equipment.  Many large businesses find this to be enormously cost effective as there is no monthly fee for maintenance or repairs.  Onsite facilities are capable of handling an extremely large call volume with minimal to no downtime as well.


Is there a monthly maintenance fee?

TeleGo offers maintenance with 24/7 support.  Fees are $6-9 per extension or charged incidentally.


Do I need a dedicated internet line?

For Onsite services, internet is not a necessity..


What type of business benefits the most from onsite services?

The answer to this question is complicated only because both hosted and onsite services have advantages for any type of business.  In general, businesses with an extremely large call volume or with very large in-house user base benefit from in house services. If for any reason you find it difficult to maintain a solid internet speed or failover, Onsite services may be best for your business.


I'm not sure which service would be best for my company.  What can you do to help me out with that?

TeleGo would be delighted to have your account manager come to your home base and help you determine which of service packages would be most cost effective and efficient for the unique needs of your business.





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