TeleGo Advantage Features in Detail



Converged Phones: An All-In-One Solution

The Converged Phones TeleGo Advantage feature lets you set all your phones to work with your main TeleGo Advantage extension. It keeps things simple no matter where you are.  This feature also allows you to set up your home extension with your mobile extension and converge both on your main TeleGo Advantage so they no matter which phone you are using to contact a client or team member, it all appears to be coming from the same line.  This feature ultimately reports your number on other people's caller ID as all being from the same phone.


Switchboard Improves Mobility

Making calls and interacting with your coworkers is a breeze, thanks to the fact that your switchboard knows all about your converged phones.  You'll identify which phone you are using and the click-to-call feature rings that phone instead of your main phone.


InCall Menu

This feature works from any keypad; you don't need a smartphone or a desk phone that is a technological marvel.  the InCall menu allows you to transfer or record your calls easily.


Send to Voicemail and Call Forwarding

Customize your account so that your calls are rerouted directly to voicemail after your preferred number of rings.  This comes in handy for after hours calls and holidays.  Alternatively, instead of sending calls to voicemail, you might choose instead to have your calls forwarded.  Both are options available to you.


Ring All Action

This feature allows you to set up several phones to ring at the same time, freeing you to move from location to location without missing any calls.


Cascade Calls Action

This feature provides a level of protection against unauthorized people answering employee phone calls.



Call Control



Transfers are a smooth process with TeleGo Advantage.  This feature allows you to transfer incoming calls to another extension or send them straight to voicemail.  You determine the transfer rules so that you can check the before transfer or not at all.  Customization is the buzzword for this feature.



Put a call on Hold using the button on your IP phone, or from the Switchboard. You can customize the Music on Hold that plays until you resume the call.


Do Not Disturb

TeleGo Advantage allows you to effectively place a "Do Not Disturb" sign on your incoming calls.


Call Parking

Call parking allows you to make a call available to any extension. Just imagine: you can use this feature when you need to relocate to a different location during a call or when you need to find someone else to help a client.


Intercom & Paging

These extensions can be used for paging and intercoms.  Page direct to an extension, page overhead or even use a 2-way intercom.  It's entirely up to you.


Call Pickup

Call Pickup groups make it possible for you to allow various employees to pick up on extensions different than their own by dialing a short code into their phone.  You decide who has these privileges and which calls they have access to.




Automatic Voicemail Setup, Voicemail Control and Custom Greetings

The system automatically creates a mailbox for each extension.  All faxes and voicemails are kept in this mailbox.  You have a great deal of control over the voicemails that are created and this includes options such as how to manage very long messages and what happens when the message is silence.  Finally, your employees have complete autonomy over their greetings, allowing them to create custom messages and set active messages at will.


Flexible Voicemail Access

This is what true mobility looks like.  Access your voicemail from a desk phone, remotely from any phone, via the web (through your TeleGo Advantage mailbox) or from you preferred e-mail client.  You can listen to your messages and mark them as read or unread from anywhere you happen to be.


External Voicemail

Sometimes, you just prefer to use your own storage.  We understand, that's not a problem.


0 Out of Voicemail

Step your customer service up a notch by sending callers to a specific extension when they press 0 while in voicemail.




Meet Me Conference Center

This feature really showcases the peak technological experience possible with Onsite Services at TeleGo.  Each extension has it's own conference room, with each extension owner maintaining complete autonomy over how the session is operated, who has access to it, etc.


Conference Via Handset

It goes without saying that your 3-way conference call button is fully supported by TeleGo Advantage as well.


Call Queues


Permanent and Login Queue Members

Permanent members, often also referred to as agents, are always included in the Ringing Strategy. This means that anytime a call comes into the queue, your previously set up extensions are included in the routing.


Remote Queue Members

We haven't forgotten your remote team members.  You can have calls routed to anyone out in the field, located anywhere.


Queue Announcements

Members of multiple queues and those employees that take a combination of direct phone calls and queue calls can tell what kind of call they're answering by listening to the queue announcement that plays when they answer the phone.


In Queue Music or Messaging

This feature is impressively versatile and highly customizable.  Every queue in yoru system can be organized with it's own playlist or message.  You can have each department set up with it's own, unique set of queue messages or music (or both!).


Visualize Your Queues

You can keep track of up to date information about your queues with this feature.  Status information for any call queue is provided, including information regarding active conversations and calls waiting for pickup.




Send a Recorded Sound to Voicemail

You can send a recorded sound to any extension's mailbox.  Aside from entertaining office pranks, this feature can be quite useful for dropping a quick message or even sending out a voicemail blast to multiple extensions at once.


Send an Email

Use the system to send an e-mail.  You can even include variable such as sounds and system variables generated by the caller.


Store a Recorded Sound in Sound Manager

If you change your recorded information frequently, you might find this feature particularly useful.  You can create a phone-based interface to the Sound Manager, allowing you to store sounds.


Gate Keeper

The Gatekeeper allows you to track how many times an individual caller has passed through a gate.  Not only is this a security measure that can be used to help identify people trying to abuse the system, but it can also be used as a troubleshooting tool to identify callers that are getting stuck in the loop.


Upload Recorded Sound

Build custom interactions with clients by using this feature and uploading a recorded sound to a URL.


Conditional Clause

Conditional Clauses allow you to manipulate the system based on input from the caller.  You can branch a call to different IVR responses based on variables you preset.


Time Based Clause

This feature allows your IVR to behave differently based on your holiday closings, business hours and any other variable you define.  The system checks the current time of the call against the parameters of the time-frame you've given it and reacts accordingly.


Record Digits

Record key presses as digits. The digits are saved in a variable that can be used later in other IVR actions such as Play Recorded Digits or Send Call Values to URL.


Presence & Collaboration


Organized Phonebooks

Each of your extension owners can manage his or her own set of Phonebooks by using the Phone Book Panels on the switchboard.




Custom Voicemail Notifications

Listen to your voicemail and immediately manage it via e-mail or SMS by designing your own HTML and text notifications.


IMAP Mailbox

There is an IMAP mailbox for every phone extension that exists for faxes and voicemail messages.  Subscribe to it by using the TeleGo Advantage interface or your favorite e-mail client.


Extension Management


Permissions Per Extension

Each extension can be set to allow or deny access to most features.  This system is totally customizable.


Bulk-Modify for Extensions

Telego Advantage lets you modify whole groups of phone extensions, regardless of size, all at once. Apply changes to all of them or just a few, it's up to you.


Bulk Import for Extensions

TeleGo Advantage allows you to modify phone extensions or create new ones by uploading a file of comma-separated values


PBX Tools


Multiple Administrators

TeleGo Advantage Sub-Admins can be given access to the same things as the Admi, or just a few selected-by-you tasks. You can share administrative responsibilities while controling who is able to do what.


Flexible Outgoing Call Routes

With TeleGo Advantage you have total control over how to make calls.  For example, you can route 911 to an analog line or send international calls to a VOIP provider; it's up to you. This can help you save money, and protect against downtime.


Current Calls View

Want to know who is talking on the phone right now and if that call is using VoIP, an analog line, or a PRI? Get a snapshot of all the calls currently being handled by the system.


Connection Status and Server Information View

This shows you the overall status of TeleGo Advantage’s connected devices.  Keep track of your connections, including VOIP Providers, SIP Phones, Hardware Devices, and Fax Print Jobs. View reports regarding server information and disk space, as well as a comprehensive report of disk usage.


Ordered Call Rules

Incoming and Outgoing Call Rules can easily be put in order of priority for TeleGo Advantage to follow.


Diskspace Quotas for Mailboxes

TeleGo Advantage lets you set limits on disk space for your Extension Groups or for a specific extension.


Admin Notes

Leave notes for yourself!




Queue Status

View calls in queue in real time, as well as the day's statistics on a given queue and its members. Track items such as the number of completed or abandoned calls and member information (such as login and paused time).


Scheduled Reports

Set up scheduled reports to be emailed as HTML, XML, or as a chart.




Manage Sounds in Multiple Languages

You have the advantage of being able to create sounds in different languages.  This allows you to give your callers the option of selecting a language at the beginning of a call, ensuring that they hear the sounds in the correct language.  This feature is enormously helpful for companies conducting business around the globe.  Using this feature automatically switches the date format to that used outside of the U.S.

TeleGo Advantage includes professional sound packs for the following language/locales: English for UK and AU, Spanish for MX and ES, Italian, and French for EU and CA.




Strong Passwords and Automatic IP Blocking

This might seem a no-brainer but you'd be surprised how many people just don't undertand the importance of a strong password.  As the cornerstone of good network security, the default option for TeleGo Advantage is making strong passwords a requirement.  You can always turn this option off...if you really want to.  This features works together with Automatic IP Blocking, feature that creates a Blacklist someone is trying to access TeleGo Advantage with incorrect username and password combinations.


Network Access Control

TeleGo Advantage allows you to create and maintain a list of network blocks that are allowed to access various network services on TeleGo Advantage. You control exactly what a network is allowed to do, and make sure to 'Never Block' a network you wish to allow access.




Automated Backups

Create a immediate backup anytime you need to and set up an automated backup schedule, with file-transfer to the FTP server of your choice.


Automated Software Updates

TeleGo Advantage software is updated automatically, allowing you to take full advantage of your subscription at all times.


Error Logs

Erroneous behavior? Find the problem quickly using the TeleGo Advantage error log.


Technology Choices


Peered TeleGo Advantages

TeleGo Advantage systems can be linked together ("peered") so you can easily make calls between your offices, and all you need is your internet connection. This means quick-and-easy dialing, and, more importantly, it can mean a big cost-savings.


IP or Analog Phones

You decide which phones you want to use. If you already have analog phones, you might decide to keep them and use adapters.  If you have IP phones, you can just use them.  You always have the option of forgoing the adapter altogether.  Just keep in mind that many of the features TeleGo offers won't be available without it.


Analog Phone Lines and Digital Phone Lines

TeleGo Advantage supports analog interface cards for making calls over traditional analog (PSTN) phone lines or for T1/E1/PRI and BRI, for making calls over digital phone lines. These cards are purchased separately and can come already installed or be added later, whatever works for you.


Special Codec Support

TeleGo Advantage includes the G.722 high quality audio codec, also known as wideband audio, or HDvoice. Also, G.729 is supported and can be purchased for a minimal cost. G.729  can be helpful in an area where bandwidth is limited.


Video Calling

TeleGo Advantage includes video calling so if you have a video-capable phone, you'll be set.  TeleGo Advantage supports the common video codecs H.263 and H.264, and it works with a video-capable desk phone or softphone.


Unlimited VOIP Providers

There are no limitations or special requirements from us when it comes to who you wish to use as your VoIP provider.  Select one provider or several, whatever works for your business.  An extensive set of options lets you fine-tune your setup. TeleGo Advantage supports SIP and IAX protocols.




One Fax License Included

TeleGo Advantage includes one concurrent fax license, meaning it manages one fax at a time. Faxing is only supported over an analog or PRI channel. Should you choose to handle faxes over SIP, then we recommend a SIP provider using T.38.


One Number for Voice & Fax

Enjoy the convenience of using one telephone number for both phone and fax.  TeleGo Advantage takes care of directing calls vs faxes and you can focus on more important concerns.


Outgoing Fax Options

TeleGo Advantage lets you use an outgoing fax machine, or print a file on your computer and send it as a fax. All outgoing faxes are kept in a TeleGo Advantage Extension Mailbox.




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