This comprehensive list will help you to better understand what features are available within each of our three plans: Standard, Custom and Premium.  Each upgrade includes the features of the previous plan so your service keeps getting better and better.

Auto Attendant Answering

Just because we always answer our phones doesn't mean you have to. With this feature you have the ability to set up a telephone number that dials directly to an Auto Attendant.  Your callers can then select from a menu of predefined options via the Auto Attendant.


Live Person Answering

Sometimes it's best to have a live person answer the phone and for those situations, you can have this feature set up to ring a specific extension or group of extensions first.  This feature allows for sequential or simultaneous ringing.


2+ Digit Extension Dialing

You can have 2, 3, 4 or more extensions created for your account.


Caller ID Customization

This feature allows you to customize the way your number appears on outgoing Caller ID.  You can set it up with a specific number or extension.


Voicemail Services

(Including Voicemail to E-mail and Voicemail to Text):

 Voicemail services are top-notch at Telego.  Associate a voicemail box with an extension or use an announce-only voicemail box to provide your callers with a pre-recorded message when they select and option on an extension or auto attendant.  Even better, the Telego PBX allows you to have your voicemail message sent to any valid e-mail account or alias that you enter into the TeleGo portal.  The e-mail will include the date and time of the call, the length of the message, caller ID if available, the mailbox number and an attached WAV file so that you can listen to the message on your PC or mobile device.  Of course, you may not find it convenient to use a mobile device to listen to a WAV file so we also offer you the option of entering an SMS address in the Telego Portal which will then forward a short message to your device.


Ring Groups

This feature allows you to join multiple extensions as  group, routing calls sequentially or simultaneously to that specified group.


Find Me

(Telego Assistant)

This is where TeleGo's outstanding customer service really shines.  You can set up a personal assistant to "find you" at up to 5 different locations.  This features is configured per extension and offers an extensive number of options to route calls once they have reached the given extension.  Callers are asked to "announce themselves" and are offered the option between locations to try the next location or leave a message.


Call Hold

Our standard call hold feature serenades your callers with your choice of a commercial or music while they wait.


Attended and Unattended Transfer

Attended transfer allows you to transfer a call to an extension, group or phone number after announcing the party being transferred.  Unattended transfer allows you to make the transfer without having to announce the party first.  You can customize this feature for your business's specific needs.


Call Forwarding and No Answer Forwarding

Using the TeleGo Portal, your device or SoftPhone, you can forward your calls to any extension or phone number.  The functionality of this feature on your device or SoftPhone may vary according to the manufacturer of the product.  You also have the option of setting up your system so that incoming calls are automatically forwarded to a preset number when the phone is not answered.  Finally, you can also have calls encountering a busy signal forwarded to an extension, group or phone number.  The best part of the call forwarding features is that they can be set up locally or from the web, making set-up and management simple and easy.


Incoming Call Blocking

 Use this feature to "blacklist" phone numbers from callers you don't want calling your business.  Simply enter in the number you don't want coming through your PBX and rest easy.


Incoming Privacy Screening

Callers who have "no caller ID" or "blocked caller ID" will be required to enter a number that will then be presented as their caller ID.


Incoming DID Routing

Route calls based on the number dialed.  The calls will be routed to any auto attendant, extension, group, phone, ACD or Call Queue.


Outgoing Call blocking

Prevent calls to specific number or services (such as 1-900 calls).


One Button Redial

This feature allows you to use one button on a device or SoftPhone to redial the last number dialed by the extension user.  Not all phones support this feature.


Do Not Disturb (DND)

A device or SoftPhone feature that simulates a phone being "off the hook" and sends calls directly to voicemail.  Various routing options are available with this feature.


Call Waiting Indicator

When an incoming call comes in on a line that is currently being used, this feature indicates the call as well as presents the caller ID when available.


After Hours Calls Routing

 You can configure routing based on the time and date, allowing you to route calls during off-hours.  You can set up multiple schedules which allows you to compensate for holidays, weekends and the needs of multiple departments with different office hours.


Speed Dial

This device or SoftPhone feature automates the dialing of a predetermined phone number.




Incoming Caller ID Routing

Route calls from a unique DID or phone number to any auto attendant, extension, group, phone number, ACD or Call Queue.


Incoming Call Identification

Identify an incoming call on the phone's LCD display by modifying the Caller ID display indicating how the call was routed.


Company-wide Directory

Create a list of contacts and phone numbers and upload them via the TeleGo Portal.  In turn, they will be made available on an iPhone or SoftPhone.


Caller ID Blocking

You have the option to disable caller ID for all outgoing calls made from your PBX.


Call Recording

Selectively record calls for training or documentation purposes.


DISA (Direct Inward System Access)

Allows users operating outside the PBX to obtain a dial tone and place calls as if they were doing so from within the switch.  Password protection is also offered with this service.


Office Intercom

When you dial another user's extension, it activates their phone's speaker, allowing you to make an announcement.


Disable Outbound Calling

This feature allows you to selectively disable outbound calls from specific extensions only.




Automatic Call Distribution (ACD):

Route calls throughout your call center environment to their appropriate agents, based on factors such as time, availability, behavior and priority levels.


Call Queue

Call queues are used to route calls to the appropriate extension or group in a first-in-first out manner.  It is possible for these agents to be logged into the system.  Call queues are commonly used with an ACD.  As an example, when a caller encounters a busy signal, he or she hears, "Thank you for calling, all agents are currently working with other clients at the moment.  Please either hold for the next available agent or press N to leave a message." The ACD then handles the routing rules once there is an available agent.

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