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What happens when there is an outage in the area?

In times of emergency, calls are automatically routed to secondary telephone numbers or cell phones.


Who do I talk to when or if there is a problem with my service?

All of TeleGo's customers are assigned personal account managers.  If you have any type of issue or question, simply call us and your account manager will walk you through your issue until you are satisfied.


What are the average maintenance fees?

There are none.  Yes, you read that right, there are no maintenance fees.  The entire system is provided and maintained by TeleGo and you pay the subscription fee and that is all.


We have a highly mobile workforce.  What can TeleGo do for our field agents?

TeleGo's services are a particular advantage to businesses operating with a large scale mobile force.  Hosted VoIP/PBX services allow your employees to be properly connected from anywhere: home, another office, train or another state.  Provided there is internet access, your employees can stay connected with you from anywhere in the world.


What happens when new upgrades hit the market?  Are we locked into what we purchase right now?

Our goal is to provide you with the best service on the market.  Our system is continuously updated with the latest Fortune 500 features, which will be made available to you acording to your package.


Why call it "Hosted PBX"?

Traditional PBX systems, your typical business switchboard, have always been inhouse.  Modern technology has made this approach to phone systems outdated.  Now it is possible for us to host your system from a data center, saving you the hassle of purchasing and storing equipment.  Furthermore, if you need something changed, you don't have to bother with it yourself.  Simply let us know and we'll take care of it.


I'm concerned that this is just another gadget fad.  How likely is it that VoIP/PBX is going to stick around?

Over the course of the past decade and some change, hosted PBX systems have graduated from the realm of science fiction to being a strong contender for industry standard for B2B communications.  Hosted VoIP is a popular choice for private telephone service, with more than 3 million Americans utilizing in their homes instead of traditional telephone line service.


I see ads for VoIP/PBX systems that are dirt cheap.  What's the deal?

Many companies will install VoIP systems over existing internet lines, keeping the cost extremely low.  The problem with this methodology is that the line would be overloaded and what you end up with is a line full of static and poor voice quality.  We recommend a dedicated internet line; the result is an initial investment that is entirely worthwhile.


If I make the switch, will I get to keep the same features I have on my existing phone system?

Hosted PBX actually uses  more advanced technology than your existing phone system which means that not only will you get to keep your features, you'll have more features and better quality ones at that.


How much will Hosted PBX/ VoIP cost in comparison with a traditional phone system?

Despite the fact we offer premium phone service and don't cut corners, your startup fee is still going to cost roughly 70% less than traditional phone service.  Simply put, because we're hosting your system, you don't have to invest in the hardware you would normally have to.


We are moving one department to a different building.  Would we need a second phone system?

Not at all! When you use the phones in your second locations, you'll have no idea you are in a different building.  You have a number of options for customizing how your phones will work together and naturally, we will help you set it up.


Spending hours on the phone with my phone company waiting for service seriously cuts into my profit margins.  What can you, as a phone company, do about this?

We don't feel that long waits on hold serve our customers well at all.  As such, we have a Six-Ring-Live-Person policy.  We guarantee that when you call us, a living, breathing human being will answer the phone within six rings.


I'm not a very technically minded person and I'm concerned that Hosted PBX may be difficult for me to learn or use.

Most of our clients find the system quite easy to use and we are always here to help if you have a question or a problem.  We will assign a Personal Account Manager to your company.  Your account manager will get to know the unique needs of your business and work with you to find great solution to improve your workflow.  Your account manager will walk you and your staff through the new system until everyone feels comfortable using it.


How do I know if Hosted PBX is actually the right system for my business?

Give us a ring and we'll schedule a date to come to your place of business and see if our system is right for your business's needs.


I travel to Israel often. How can I stay connected to my office in New York?

If you plan on being in an area with internet connection you can have a soft-phone downloaded to your laptop and, with the use of a headset, you will be connected. If you won't have a an internet connect you can have the calls forwarded to your cell phone.


We've had our traditional phone system for years but it occasionally crashes.  Is Hosted PBX more reliable?

One of the major benefits of Hosted PBX system is that the hardware is not kept in your closet like your traditional phone system. Instead, the equipment is kept in our secure data centers and the maintenance and  upkeep is taken care of by us.  This means the risk of a total breakdown is exceedingly low.  We guarantee our system is up and running 99.9% of the time.


One of my vendors has a VoIP/PBX system and their phones were down for a few days when Cablevision was doing work in our area.  Are problems like this something we can expect to contend with when using your service?

It would not surprise us of their area has recurring network problems.  For anyone in that type of situation, we recommend a backup internet connection.  This is rarely a problem, however, so in most instances, you needn't be concerned.


I usually have to sign a two-year contract for business phone service.  How long are the contracts with TeleGo?

We don't do contracts.  Not ever.  We believe that our clients should stick with us because they appreciate and benefit from our service.  We hold to this business principle so strongly that we refuse to trap our customers with a contract.  If you are unhappy with our service for any reason, you are free to go cancel your service plan.


We are really interested in upgrading our system to Hosted PBX but our small business cannot afford the upfront costs.  Is there anything you can do for us?

We'd be more than happy to accommodate you.  We offer full financing with zero down and a payment plan that works for you.


I'm concerned that after the Hosted PBX system is installed I won't be satisfied with it.

We understand your concerns about trying something new, site unseen.  That is why we offer a 30-day Money Back guarantee.  This means you have nothing to lose and plenty to gain.




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