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On my trip to Sweden last summer, I was ecstatic to have my phone connection up and running as soon as I connected to the Internet. Since then, the portability of TeleGo’s system is something I’ve really come to appreciate, given that I’m a frequent traveler.


Aron Rosenberg, NJ


We weren’t sure what to expect when we decided to switch to TeleGo. We were pleased to find that the service is both professional and reliable. My company has gained immeasurably from our updated TeleGo system, at a most cost-efficient charge.


Joe Steiner, NYC


For me, one of the biggest perks of switching to TeleGo was having a personal account manager. When I need something, I don’t have to deal with a slew of faceless, nameless newly-trained reps. The truth is, call handling has been so efficient, I haven’t had much contact with my account manager since the initial setup.


Eric Strauss

Order Management Systems, Dallas, TX


When contacting TeleGo to apply for their service, we first underwent their routine qualification process, including a site survey. We felt that a real focus was placed on our needs to ensure that our new phone system would work well for us. And our expectations have truly been exceeded. No lengthy waiting, no multi-transferring, no long onhold music… It’s just a pleasure to call TeleGo’s headquarters and have my questions answered within moments.


Moshe Silver

Innovative Credit Consultants, Suffern, NY




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