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Who is a Partner?

Who benefits the most from becoming a TeleGo partner?

How many times have you fretted over your telephony partners messing with your internet lines?  Why not change everything and become a partner with your telephony provider?

Network Administrators, IT Professionals responsible for orchestrating smooth and continuous communications will find partnership with TeleGo a welcome relief.


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Would you like to join us in offering incredible service to other companies?  Apply today to become a TeleGo partner.

Benefits include:

You can enjoy commissions payments recurring monthly, and watch those payment accrue over time.

As a partner, you won't have to worry about billing or supporting your clients and you will have access to a dedicated Channel Account Manager.

You'll be provided with an intuitive web form for submitting your referrals and best of all, there is no fee to become a partner.

Your customers will receive 24-7, 365 days a year direct technical support, as well.

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